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Sun Valley

Paranaque, PH

Customer Inquiry

+63 917 558 7345

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

We know using an EMR is complex, while writing on Paper is easy. So we have developed a technology that lets you convert your paper based forms into a smart EMR, simply and quickly. More than a decade of working with 20+ medical specialties, across 5 continents, has helped us create an Enterprise Platform for Clinics, that is comprehensive, easy and does it all.

Most Powerful Clinic Software

Super easy to learn + Brilliant in analysis. EMR with the most comprehensive Practice Management solution.


Complete Electronic Medical Records

1-page Patient Medical Summary, which highlights autmatically key bits of the Patient’s chart. You can now know the Patient’s Past Medical history, Family History, Key Vital Trends, Current Treatment Plans and Important Investigations, without turning a single page, or a single click. Prepare for Patient visits with one glance

Pro-Active Health Management

Setup preventive healthcare plans for your chronic patients and let our platform manage it for you, perfectly. Monthly blood glucose monitoring, quarterly HbA1c, yearly foot exam or any other action items you want. Build generalized plans, which can be fine-tuned for individual patients.


Stunning Prescriptions

Tons of gorgeous Prescription Layouts. We understand the need for the “Perfect Prescription”. For your patients, it is the only tangible output of all the effort you are putting behind EMR. This is the next generation in prescription technology, any layout you can think of, we can do it.

Lab Reporting

A good EMR lets you record medical data easily, but a great EMR actually gives something back to you. It saves you time by crunching all the data, analyzing it, and then presenting it to you in an easy to consume format.

Appointment Scheduling

Reception is a busy area for the Clinics, speed is critical, and we have ensured haste will not make waste. Our Design Experts have built the appointment screen for quick scanning from a distance of upto 6 feet. Fanatic focus on front-desk workflows, intelligent use of colors, real-time tracking of patient in and outflows, and we have a system your Receptionist will fall in love with.

Clinical Audit

The clinical audit tool will help you mine data, draw inferences and support research. It also checks the quality of clinical data, and lets you know where the processes have scope for improvement.

Analyze Financial Data

Easy Financials

We understand that Clinics may require changes in the way financials are handled due to the profile of patients (corporates, or otherwise), or the legislation in the country of operation. We have built that flexibility at the core of Clinicea’s financial system.

All Permutations & Combinations possible

You can accept part payments, receive advances, issue refunds, exchange stock, reverse bills or wipe off past bills and payments.

Full Support for Treatment Packages

Treatment for chronic problems need to continue over extended periods of time. We understand that and make management easy by letting you create create personalized packages for treatment plans. Clinicea will track, monitor and manage end-end the complex financials that goes behind offering such packages.

Invoice Templates

No more dull invoices. Range of Invoice templates available to enhance your Clinic’s brand.



Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

The System

We have a very powerful ticketing system to ensure every query is tracked at every step. Community FAQ’s to build a self -sustaining knowledge tree. Accessibility of support software on tablets & smartphones to enable giving of support while on move. Automated escalation matrix with SLA timers to guarantee turnaround times. But above all, ‘the right attitude’.

The Attitude

Many believe “Customer is the King,” we actually have built our company around this mantra. Customer Support has been turned into a game internally, where each of the team member’s score points by helping You. More the points, bigger the rewards at the end of every quarter. And Yes! Participation is mandatory for all, including the CEO, CTO, co-founders, management, developers, product specialists, in short everyone. We are because of You and we have built a culture that will not let anyone forget this.

Most sophisticated “Clinic Chain Management” Software Ever Built

When you want to step up to the Big League, where managing your Clinic is not about making little improvements but being prepped for explosive Growth. When reliability of the software vendor is critical to your Organization, when you need a Software Partner who understands the Clinic business, come talk to us, we are the ‘growth-tonic for Clinics.’ Being called,
“simply phenomenal” …. “very user-friendly” …. “thorough and perfect”

"It is our goal to have the world's best Clinic Management solution. We are rapidly building away, adding more, simplifying further, using advancements in technology to make your Clinic smarter. Talk to us, we love to help and are passionate about healthcare technology."

– Clinicea Team

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